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Duke Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Early action / Alumnus / Off-campus

interviewI just finished my interview with an alum and it was exactly what I expected it to be… no curve balls. The interview lasted about 40-45 minutes and it was a friendly chat. I guess he had a list of questions on him that he needed to ask, but the conversation flowed organically. Here’s a bunch of questions that were asked:

- Tell me about yourself
- Tell me about your current role at work
- Why MBA
- Why Duke
- Tell me about some constructive feedback that you received
- Tell me about the time you showed your leadership skills (in and out of work)
- What do you think makes a team successful
- What is your role in a team
- What kind of a leader are you
- What are your career plans 
- What makes you think this is the right time for an MBA

Overall, a nice friendly chat with a chilled out vibe. No curve balls and no unexpected questions.

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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

My CBS interview was very fast, in total it lasted around 40 minutes. I interviewed with a CBS alum here in Mexico. The interview was conducted in English. The first ~10 minutes I walked her through my resumé while she asked questions. Then she asked me “Why an MBA?” and “Why Columbia?”. Those were basically her questions. She also asked me what other universities I applied to. After that, she asked me if I had any questions for her and we spent around 20 minutes discussing and talking about her experience.



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Dartmouth Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second Year Student

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second Year Student

My Tuck interview was with a 2nd year student who was very friendly.  He claimed it would be “conversational” style interview, but when I asked a question during the interview, he asked me to hold to the end. He was very focused on getting through a set of questions he had.  That said, he was very friendly.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why MBA? (he pushed for follow up and more concrete details)

3. Why Tuck?

4. Tell me about a great team experience you had.

5. Tell me about a conflict at work?

6. Why do you like [current company] so much?

7. What can you bring to Tuck?

8. What obstacles do you see preventing you from coming to Tuck?

9. What questions do you have for me?


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Submit an MBA Interview Report and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Submit an MBA Interview Report and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

As interview season begins in earnest, we’re eager to hear more about your interview experiences! If you are interested in sharing your experience, we will be awarding a $10 Amazon gift certificate to each applicant who submits an interview report for any business school we cover.  All you have to do is send us your interview report before 5 PM on Wednesday, October 29, and we’ll send you the gift certificate.

Please include the following information in your report:

  1. Date/Admissions Round
  2. Description of visit and/or interview atmosphere
  3. Type of interview (alum vs. adcom, blind vs. application-based)
  4. List of interview questions
  5. Commentary (What did you think of the interview? What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you? What might you conclude about the school based on this experience?)

 Each person can only receive one gift certificate. 

Are you still waiting for your interview date? Applicants who would like to supplement the information available on the Interview Archive can check out our Clear Admit Interview Guides, which provide school-specific insight about admissions interviews.  Good luck to those still interviewing!

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Harvard Business School to Release Remaining Round 1 Interview Invites Tomorrow

300px-Aerial_of_the_Harvard_Business_School_campusFor all those anxious Harvard Business School (HBS) Round 1 applicants still waiting to learn their fate, tomorrow will be a telling day, according to Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Deirdre Leopold. About 150 additional interview invitations will go out tomorrow, October 15th, adding to the roughly 800 invitations extended last week, Leopold shared in a recent post to her Director’s Blog.

Another group will also learn tomorrow that HBS wants to “further consider” their applications as part of Round 2. “We anticipate that there will be ~200 applicants in this group,” Leopold wrote, adding that the email communicating this decision will also provide information regarding a timetable and communication plan for this group. Continue reading…

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Columbia Business School MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

interview 3I applied for the J-term and got the interview call within 2 weeks of applying.  I scheduled the interview with an alum-most of them did not have a similar background as mine. He called me to his office so it was a formal setting.

The interview started off by him discussing about my current work. We got into the details of my profile, the product, and the difficulties my sector is facing. There were a few standard questions as have been listed out in almost all other posts.

1. Why MBA?
2. Why Columbia?
3. What value can you add to Columbia?
4. Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced.

In every answer, he would pick up one thing and switch to that topic to see how comfortable I was with what I was saying.

After 40 minutes, he asked me if I had any questions for him which went on for about 5 minutes and that was it.

Overall, a very relaxed interview, even after it being a formal setting. He made me feel very comfortable since the interview went on in more of a chatty fashion rather than it being question-answer session. I hope to hear from them in about 2 weeks as the website suggests. Fingers crossed.

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Yale SOM MBA Admissions Interview Questions: R1 / Video Interview

I think I did fairly well in the Yale Interview. The questions were:

1. What do you think is the most important characteristic for a leader

2. What attributes do you look for when selecting a team

3. Do you think goods such as alcohol or tobacco should be taxed more? Why or why not?

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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Early Decision / Alumnus / Off-campus

From the list of Ambassadors that the school provided, I chose an alum that had a similar background to mine (finance/M&A in the infrastructure sector).
We met at a local coffee shop (São Paulo, Brazil) and the interview was very informal. This environment was crucial to break the ice. He was more concerned if I was comfortable and enjoying the conversation rather than testing me.

The interview went as follows:

1. Give me your 5-minute pitch (another version of the “walk me through your resume” question).
2. Why MBA?
3. Tell me more about your latest project and your role in it.
4. Why Columbia? How will your Columbia experience look like?
5. What do you want to do post-MBA?
6. What is your plan B career? – He asked me that since my goal is to return to Private Equity, and it is a very selective field, even for MBA students.
7. Tell me about an ethical dilema you faced at work.
8. Do you have any questions?

In every question he wanted to make sure to get into details. He said he was more curious than testing if I was consistent with my speech.

Interview 2

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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

The interview was at a coffee shop. It was casual and conversational, though the interviewer really focused on my previous experiences.

The questions asked were:

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why MBA?
3. Why Columbia?
4. Why xyz industry?
5. What would you do if your industry was gone?
6. Would you go back to your previous job function?
7. Do you have questions for me?

All in all – very simple. 1.5 hour interview. Good luck all.

Interview 4

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Oxford / Saïd MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 6 / Alumnus / Skype

The interview wasn’t as casual as some reports suggest. My interviewer had a investment banking background and I definitely got the impression he was trying to push my buttons. It is the sort of interview I would expect for a front office role so nothing strange there. And as “pushy” as he maybe I think the interview was fair.

- Why MBA? Why Saïd?
- Tell me about your role at XYZ company.
- Give me an example of a time you lead a group.
- Give me an example of a time you were involved in a dysfunctional group? How did you cope?
- What would your friends say your strengths/weaknesses are?

I did not visit Oxford before the interview and I definitely got the impression he did not approve. For my next application I will definitely go in person and visit first. He did ask which college I will apply to make sure I had done my research.

Overall tough but fair interview.

Interview 2

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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-Campus

Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-Campus

I had my interview with 2 admissions committee members.
1 was the interviewer and the other was noticing my movements and body language
The questions asked were straightforward:

1. Walk me through your resume
2. Why you opted for MBA?
3. What are your main strengths?
4. What are your main weaknesses?
5. What are your post-MBA plans?
6. Is there anything I forgot to ask?
7. Is there anything you want to ask?

Interview was well and lasted for around 40-45 minutes.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. I was surprised by how friendly the Adcom was.

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