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Haas School of Business Forms New Partnership to Understand Crowdfunding

Haas 2Crowdfunding – the process of crowds of people investing relatively small amounts of money online to fund new ventures and individuals – promises to reshape the future of finance, and researchers at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business want to understand how. The school this week announced a new partnership with the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership to do just that.

Coined CrowdBerkeley, the new partnership will equip Berkeley-Haas finance and social enterprise faculty and researchers to study databases aggregated by Fund Institute engineers from global crowdfunding platforms. The researchers will use the data to examine and understand how crowdfunding is transforming traditional financial models as well as the opportunities it presents for innovation and new ventures. Continue reading…

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Fridays From the Frontline: UCLA Anderson Interview Debrief


The following is a guest post from Pulling That MBA Trigger that was originally published on her blog. Pulling That MBA Trigger works as a software engineer for a product development startup, and she has started her own venture in the content writing/educational consulting space. You can follow Pulling That MBA Trigger’s application journey on her blog

I just finished my interview with a second year student from UCLA Anderson and it went so much better than I imagined it would! I think I got lucky on several counts. Firstly, my interviewer was a woman. This was actually a perfect match since a lot of my leadership stories are related to the struggles of being a woman in the male-dominated tech industry and it seemed like she could really relate. Secondly, she also comes from a background in technology so I’m certain that all of my stories made sense to her. Finally, she was just a really nice, fun person to talk to! Lots of smiles, lots of jokes and just a real sense of comfort that I have yet to experience in an MBA interview. No awkwardness whatsoever! What also helped was the fact that it was a Skype interview, so I was sitting in the comfort of my bedroom and it felt like I was talking to a friend across the continent. Overall, a great experience. Continue reading…

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Darden Annouces Next Cohort of Ventures for Its i.Lab Incubator

uvadardenVentures focused on developing an educational technology to improve spoken English instruction to children in China, products to support healing among orthopedic patients and tools to help small businesses automate processes were among those selected to take part in the 2105 i.Lab Incubator program at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, the school announced this week. Operated by Darden’s Batten Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the i.Lab and incubator will host 25 new ventures in the coming year along with eight ventures from the class of 2014.

“This year we saw a particularly experienced group of applicants,” Philippe Sommer, director of Darden’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, said in a statement. “It will be an incredible asset to have entrepreneurs in the incubator with deep expertise in fields such as engineering, biomedicine and education.” Continue reading…

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#MBA Top Tweets of the Week: Welcome Weekends

Welcome to this week’s installment of #MBA Top Tweets of the Week, our weekly perusal of trending topics among MBA programs on Twitter. With the academic year wrapping up, several programs are gearing up for the next Class with “welcome” events on campus.

Admitted candidates to NYU / Stern were greeted by Dean Henry:

Cornell / Johnson also welcomed prospective students to campus:

With mugs in hand, matriculating students at UVA / Darden got their first taste of what to expect in the coming years:

UNC Kenan-Flagler called for tweets to cover Experience Weekend for the Class of 2017…

…and Kenan-Flagler admits were excited to be on campus…

…while about various opportunities, including Carolina Women in Business: Continue reading…

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HBS Rolls Out New Recruiting Program Targeting Students at Women-Only Colleges

HBSHarvard Business School (HBS) last week announced a new recruiting program designed to help increase the pipeline of qualified female applicants to its MBA program. The program, called Peek Weekend, invites juniors, seniors and recent graduates from women’s colleges for a June weekend of case studies, presentations and other activities designed to serve as an introduction to HBS and the MBA degree.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, HBS Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold explained that the school hopes through the program to give women a fuller sense of what an MBA can lead to. Calling the MBA “a misunderstood degree,” she noted that there is a perception among many that pursuing one “must mean you want to go work in a bank forever and sit in a cubicle and wear a suit.” Continue reading…

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As An Applicant, What Do You Consider Your Greatest Strength?

As An Applicant, What Do You Consider Your Greatest Strength?

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Georgetown McDonough Survey Reveals Interesting Tax Refund Spending Trends

tax dayDo you think of your tax refund as a nice spring bonus or money the government owes you? Your answer likely influences the way you’ll spend the funds in question, according to new research from the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research at the McDonough School of Business. The 2015 Tax Refund Consumer Spending Survey, sponsored by KPMG, was conducted during the last two weeks of March to examine consumer spending around Tax Day.

“Apparently all dollars are not created equal in the minds of consumers,” Kurt Carlson, director of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research, said in a statement. Indeed, 53 percent of consumers who think of their refund in terms of a bonus plan to spend it on something in the near term, the survey found. Furthermore, they are more likely to spend it at stores where they rarely shop throughout the year. Continue reading…

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Financial Times Data Suggest MBA ROI Is Greater for Younger Students

tuition hikesParsing through data from its 2015 Global MBA rankings, the Financial Times has come to the conclusion that the earlier you get your MBA degree, the more you stand to boost your salary, both in percentage and absolute terms. Combining survey responses from the MBA class of 2011 with analyses of their career progress and salaries, the latest FT rankings data reveal a more significant jump in pay for younger graduates in the three years after graduation than for their older classmates.

According to the FT analysis, participants aged 24 and under when they began their degree enjoyed salary increases of nearly $69,000 three years out from graduation, a 145 percent increase over their pre-MBA salary. Those who were 27 to 28 when they began their degree program reported an average pay increase of $67,000, to nearly double their pre-MBA salary. The oldest members of the class, those aged 31 or above, had an average pay increase of $56,000, representing a roughly 70 percent bump over their pre-MBA salaries. This pattern was observed in all industry sectors and countries, regardless of whether graduates worked overseas or changed industries, according to the FT. Continue reading…

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Admissions Tip: Considering the Campus

Admissions Tip: Considering the Campus

Continuing our series of admissions tips geared towards those individuals who are just beginning to think about their MBA applications, we wanted to offer some advice on factors to consider with respect to a school’s facilities and location.  Whether speaking with current students or touring the campus for oneself, it’s helpful to approach these information-gathering experiences with as clear a sense of what matters to you as possible.  Here are a few broad categories to consider: Continue reading…

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A Guide to Student Loans for MBAs

The following sponsored content was provided to Clear Admit by CommonBond. For more information about sponsorship opportunities with Clear Admit, contact us here.

First off, congratulations to all the new admits! Whether you’re starting your first year this fall or returning for your second year, you’ll need to answer the following question: How will you pay for the next year of school? If the answer is “all or partially with student loans,” we’ve got you covered with the information you need to make an informed choice on the right loan for your situation. CommonBond is a student lending platform founded by three MBAs who created the company based on their own experiences with the unnecessarily expensive and confusing student loan system. We know the experience can be overwhelming and are here to help, so let’s get started.

If you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, your options are federal student loans and private student loans. Continue reading…

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