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CMU’s Tepper School of Business Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

CMU Hunt LibraryIt’s been a busy week at the Tepper School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) overall, where students have been partaking in a global celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014 began on November 17th and will continue through November 23rd. Observed in 140 countries worldwide, GEW was launched in 2008 to inspire “people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.”

At Tepper and CMU, the week has included a series of campus-wide events designed to showcase and support the school’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Proceedings have included everything from fireside chats and open office hours with venture capitalists to an elevator pitch competition and a startup job fair. Throughout the week, CMU campus experts in new business creation, along with stakeholders in venture capital and community development, have delivered lectures and workshops for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. Continue reading…

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The UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions Interview: A Special Guest Post from ‘My Journey to Business School’

Anderson_SchoolThe following is a guest post from Vandana about her UCLA Anderson MBA admissions interview that was originally published on the My Journey to Business School blog. For more insights and stories from Vandana, follow the My Journey to Business School blog

I just finished my Skype interview with a 2nd year student at UCLA Anderson. It was super friendly and the interviewer really put me at ease before we started. I think the interview went well. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have a good feeling about Anderson – I hope Anderson feels the same way about me.  :D

As for interview questions, they were pretty standard:

1) Walk me through your resume.

2) Tell me about a time you led a team. [I probably could have used a better example here - he asked me multiple follow-up questions on how I did what I did.]

3) Why MBA? Why now?

4) Why UCLA Anderson? [When I mentioned interacting with current students/alumni, the interviewer asked for specific names of students I connected with. It turned out that one of the students I talked to was a close friend of the interviewer!]

5) Plan B if my current goals do not materialize

6) Leadership Style

7) What do you do outside of work?

Continue reading…

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Fridays from the Frontline: Steps

Welcome back to Fridays from the Frontline, our weekly summary of news and happenings from the business school blogosphere. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince, once said “What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.” In the world of business school, current applicants are taking steps forward in their application process, while current students take steps through their business school life. 

MBA applicants are currently consumed with planning their next steps. PullingthatMBAtrigger has put together her final school list for round 2. MBA Black Girl on Campus is using her “All Things MBA” spreadsheet to plan her application, and My Life of Bliss examines her pre-MBA profile as she prepares to apply to MBA programs.  While some applicants are preparing for their next set of applications, others are finishing round 1 interviews and waiting to hear back from their round 1 choices. TopDogMBA is consumed with interview prep for MIT Sloan and Wharton.  Naija MBA Gal is staying away from the business school applicant forums until she receives interview news from Stanford. My Journey to Business School shares a summary of her UCLA interview for other Anderson hopefuls, and Under Prescription summarizes his interviews with Tuck and MIT Sloan.

Continue reading…

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Twitter Thursdays: News from MBA Programs

Welcome to the latest take of Twitter Thursdays, in which we summarize the latest posts from MBA programs on Twitter.  If you want to stay on top of our updates, special prizes, admissions tips and breaking news, be sure to check Clear Admit out on Twitter. We’ve also created several lists related to MBA admissions to ease your daily access to breaking news from the top MBA programs.

Rich Lyons, the Dean of the Haas School of Business, marked a successful investment banking panel and the Berkeley-Haas MBA team’s triumph in the 4th Annual Tech Challenge case competition.  Amidst his heavy reading, the Dean of the Darden School of Business, Bob Bruner, shared posts on topics ranging from finance research to the value of open-space offices. Conrad Chua, the Head of Marketing and Admissions at Cambridge / Judge, highlighted some useful business insights from Cambridge MBA students. Continue reading…

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HEC Paris Offers Global Open Enrollment Accelerator for Senior Business Execs

HEC ParisHEC Paris now offers a special global enrollment program designed to serve as an accelerator for business executives looking to spearhead socially responsible or sustainably focused projects or new business lines, the school announced earlier this month.

Called ‘Inclusive Business and Value Creation,’ the program is taught by faculty of the HEC Paris Social Business Chair together with representatives from Ashoka, a global network of leading social entrepreneurs, and Hystra, a consultancy specialized in inclusive businesses. It is intended for senior management with at least 10 years’ experience who play a role in determining the strategic direction of their companies. Continue reading…

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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Early Decision / Alumnus / Off Campus


The following is an interview report provided by an early decision Columbia MBA applicant, who shares their Columbia MBA admissions interview questions: 

From the list of Ambassadors that the school provided, I chose an alum that had a similar background than mine (finance/M&A in the infrastructure sector).
We met at a local coffee shop (São Paulo, Brazil) and the interview was very informal. This environment was crucial to break the ice. He was more concern if I was enjoyable rather than testing me. The interview went as follows:

1. Give me your 5-minute pitch (another version of the “walk me through your resume” question).
2. Why MBA?
3. Tell me more about your latest Project and your role in it.
4. Why Columbia? How will your Columbia experience look like? 
5. What do you want to do post-MBA?
6. What is your plan B career? – He asked me that since my goal is to return to Private Equity, and it is a very selective field, even for MBA students.
7. Tell me about a ethical dilema you faced at work.
8. Do you have any questions?

In every question he wanted to make sure to get into details. He said he was more curious than testing if I was consistent with my speech.

For more Columbia MBA admissions interview questions, check out our Columbia Interview Reports Archive!

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London Business School Incubator Welcomes Eleven New Start Ups

LBS_OMTH designLondon Business School (LBS) has selected 11 MBA entrepreneurs to join its Incubator program, where they will receive a year of support in launching their new business ventures, the school announced earlier this month. The Incubator is an initiative of the school’s Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Incubator’s one-year support package includes an injection of cash for each of the 11 graduate entrepreneurs, as well as office space, professional support from Deloitte, Landor Associates and LBS alumni, access to training and workshops and an invitation to attend the Enterprise 100 members-only Annual Dinner, an event where entrepreneurs will get the network with angel investors, showcase their businesses and receive advice on crafting their business pitches. Continue reading…

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The Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Interview: A Special Guest Post from Naija MBA Gal!


The following is a guest post from Naija MBA Gal summarizing her Chicago Booth MBA admissions interview that was originally published on her blog. Naija MBA Gal is a consultant specializing in risk assurance at one of the big consulting firms, and she is aiming to get into a top 10 business school this year. You can follow Naija MBA Gal’s application journey on her blog

I had an amazing interview with Booth!!! And I am super busy at work trying to make up for the three hours I took off work yesterday.  But it is totally worth it.

The interview was supposed to start by 2pm, my interviewer and I had agreed to meet at a restaurant half way between our offices. About, one hour to the time, we had to reschedule for a slightly later time but that wasn’t an issue.

Continue reading…

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How Do You Handle The Stress of Waiting to Hear Whether You Have Been Accepted or Denied?

How Do You Handle The Stress of Waiting to Hear Whether You Have Been Accepted or Denied?

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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / AdCom / On Campus

A recent applicant shared their Harvard MBA admissions interview questions with us:

The interview started with some break-the-ice conversation, and she asked for my impressions about a new part of the campus tour.

She mentioned that her colleague in the room had only seen my resume but nothing else and asked me to introduce myself.  We then progressed through a series of questions:

Why [Ivy League undergraduate institution] for undergrad?

Why did I pick my major?

What was it like getting interviewed for [your first employer]?  Give me an overview of the hiring process.

I saw a few lower grades on your transcript?  What context can you provide on that?  She expressed knowledge that she knew I was in a competitive major and that courses weren’t graded on a curve.

What would [your first employer] say about strengths/weaknesses?

Why did you transition to [your current employer]?

Why do you want to get an MBA?

When did you have trouble working in an interdisciplinary group?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Have I kept up with my singing and music [I had a lot of involvement in that in college]?

What would you like us to ask you?

For more reports with Harvard MBA admissions interview questions, see our Harvard Interview Reports Archive


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