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Sep 15, 2014

Interview Updates from Harvard Business School Admissions Director

300px-Aerial_of_the_Harvard_Business_School_campusAs anyone applying to Harvard Business School (HBS) knows only too well, Round 1 applications were due last Tuesday. As the HBS Admissions Committee has settled into reading applicants’ files, an antsy set of applicants has settled into wait.

HBS Dean of Admissions Dee Leopold devoted a post on her Admissions Director blog on Friday to letting the expectant candidates know how the next stage of the process will unfold.  

Leopold’s team will send out invitations to candidates advancing to the interview stage in two batches next month, one on October 8th and a second on October 15th. The invitations, sent via email, will include detailed instructions on how to sign up for interviews, and HBS’s online interview scheduler will go live the day after invitations go out.

Candidates who will not be invited to interview will be notified of their “release” on October 15th as well, Leopold wrote.

About 100 to 150 Round 1 applicants may be placed under “Further Consideration,” Leopold noted. These candidates will be reviewed as part of Round 2, and they will be either invited to interview or released according to the Round 2 notification timetable.

Candidates invited to interview can choose to do so either on campus or in the following locations: New York City, Palo Alto, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Santiago. Leopold notes, though, that not all dates will be available in all locations. Skype interviews will be an option for those who cannot travel.

“We love having interviewees visit campus and will have a full day of get-to-know HBS activities, but the location of your interview plays no part in the selection process,” Leopold reminded applicants.

Good luck to everyone as you await your fate. For those who are invited to interview, don’t forget Clear Admit’s assorted resources, including the Clear Admit HBS Interview Guide and our HBS Interview Report page, where applicants can share their interview experiences and learn from those of others. 

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Sep 9, 2014

MBA@UNC Infographic Demonstrates ROI of MBA

unc_roiMBA@UNC, the online MBA program at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, has created an in-depth infographic to help demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of the MBA degree generally – as well as some specific benefits offered by online programs.

The infographic notes that 96 percent of MBA graduates rate the value of their degree as outstanding, excellent or good and would recommend a graduate management education to others, citing data from the Graduate Management Admissions Council. Three out of four of those surveyed by GMAC said they could not have obtained their current job without their degree. Continue reading…

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Sep 5, 2014

Free Harvard Business School Guide !

The Clear Admit team knows that many of our readers are in the midst of finalizing their HBS applications as Tuesday’s first round deadline approaches.  While we’re confident that our HBS essay topic analysis has been helpful and we know that you’re working hard, we wanted to make one more tool available to you before the deadline.  As such, we are pleased to announce that for the next 72 hours, the critically acclaimed Clear Admit Harvard Business School Guide is free!  Just download it from our shop and start reading on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle or any other device you have.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Go to the HBS School Guide page and add it to your cart

2) Use this code at checkout: HBSSG14

3) Send us flowers, chocolates, or leave us a nice comment on this blog post to thank us :)

4) Tell your friends!

For those of you who don’t already know, the Harvard Business School Guide features 48 pages of in-depth information about life at HBS.  Reading it will help you to:

    • Become an expert on HBS overnight and use your knowledge to fine-tune a personal statement that will stand out in the admissions process
    • Compare HBS head-to-head with Stanford, Wharton and other leading programs using objective data that goes beyond rankings and school-published marketing materials
    • Prepare for your HBS admissions interview (and post-interview reflection essay) by knowing the school inside and out

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Aug 27, 2014

Harvard Business School Admissions Director on GMAT vs. GRE

dee_leopoldHarvard Business School (HBS) has stated publicly for some time that it accepts both the GMAT and the GRE and does not prefer one over the other. In a bid to be even more transparent on the issue, HBS Admissions Director Dee Leopold devoted a recent post on her Director’s Blog to the matter.

To substantiate the claim that the school is agnostic in terms of a preference between the two tests, Leopold chose to reveal exactly how many applicants submitted each type of test score, along with how many of those applicants were ultimately admitted and matriculated. While the vast majority of applicants opted to submit GMAT scores, the percentage of matriculating admits as compared to total applicants broken out by test were within close range. Continue reading…

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Aug 25, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge Continues Its Ripple Through Top Business Schools

CBS ice bucketIt started last week with one section challenging another at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, ultimately leading to a school-wide dousing and a challenge issued to rival schools UNC Kenan-Flagler School, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and UVA’s Darden School. And the ice-cold water just keeps flowing (as do the donations).

The challenge, of course, is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that began going viral in late July and has amassed an incredible $79.7 million in donations to date (as compared to just $2.5 million during the same time period last year [July 29th to August 25th]). The ALS Association reports that it has gained 1.7 million new donors along the way.

Those who are challenged are supposed to have ice water dumped over their heads and then challenge others to do the same—or to make a donation to fight ALS—within 24 hours. In taking up the mantle, business school classes have called upon their peers to both endure the icy shower AND donate. Continue reading…

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Aug 21, 2014

Financial Aid at Harvard Business School, Straight from the Admissions Director

300px-Aerial_of_the_Harvard_Business_School_campusNEWS FLASH: Business school, especially at top schools, costs a ton. Okay, so that’s not really news. More notable is the fact that top schools want to make the MBA affordable, at least according to the most recent post on the Director’s Blog at Harvard Business School (HBS).

Earlier this week, HBS Admissions Director Dee Leopold devoted a post on her blog to the topic of financial aid, noting that HBS last year awarded $26 million in need-based financial aid and has plans to increase that amount for the Class of 2017. Continue reading…

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Jul 30, 2014

New Director Named to Lead Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative

matt segneriHarvard Business School (HBS) has named a 2010 alumnus to direct its Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI), which seeks through an array of programs and activities to advance understanding of the management and leadership challenges organizations face as they work to create social value.

Matthew Segneri (MBA 2010) was named director of HBS’s SEI, which since its launch in 1993 has helped establish and promote the concept of social enterprise. He succeeds Laura Moon, who has become managing director of HBS’s wide array of Initiatives, which focus on research and course development in specific topics such as leadership, health care and digital technology.  Continue reading…

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Jul 15, 2014

Coding Finds Its Way Into Top Business School Curriculums

codingHarvard Business School (HBS) plans to offer a computer programming elective within the next couple of years, and other top business schools may be moving in the same direction as more companies seek MBAs with strong technical skills, according to a recent report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Paul Gompers, who chairs the MBA elective curriculum at HBS, notes that MBA students there have formed coding clubs or head across to Harvard’s Cambridge campus to take introductory computer science, but that a course specifically tailored to business students is needed at the school.

“This is the changing nature of the workforce, and this is what our graduates are going on to be doing in the next five to 10 to 20 years,” Gompers told Bloomberg BW. Continue reading…

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Jul 15, 2014

Trivia Tuesday: The Case Method at Harvard Business School

SocratesThis week for Trivia Tuesday, we take a peek inside our Harvard School Guide to give you the scoop on their use of the case study method.

“Harvard’s mission is to ‘educate leaders who make a difference in the world.’ HBS seeks to accomplish this mission by admitting individuals with proven leadership skills and demonstrated records of success and then imparting the knowledge and skills they will need to be effective across a range of business situations. To accomplish this objective, the school places heavy emphasis on the case method of instruction.

“The case method defines Harvard’s MBA program. There are two components to the approach: the case study and the class discussion. The case itself is a short description of an actual business problem, as told from the point of view of one individual in the situation. Written by a Harvard faculty member who has spoken with the person at the center of the story and spent extensive time at the company featured, each case walks the reader through the considerations facing the protagonist, leaving students to determine how the person should proceed.

Continue reading…

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Jul 11, 2014

Fridays From the Frontline

GMATHello and welcome to Fridays from the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly exhaustive enumeration of the enterprising entries in the b-school blogosphere.  This week, current applicants are in full GMAT prep-mode, contemplating choice of schools and full versus part-time programs, while the Class of 2016 is looking forward to starting their MBA programs  in just a few short weeks, and all the life and career changes that will bring. This week we also welcome blogger QuietTiger81who is sharing his perspective as a second year student at Oxford

MBAonMyMind has added YaleSOM to the tally board, given the school’s focus on  social impact businesses, and with three weeks into GMAT prep, all is going according to plan. With a GMAT prep plan of his own, GrantMeAdmission is gaining on his 760 goal with three life hacks to help him stay focused and positive.  GrantMeAdmission also takes some time to discuss the pros and cons of doing a part-time MBA, and why he chose to go the full-time route.

Continue reading…

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Jul 7, 2014

Alumni Gift to Fund Construction of New Conference Center at Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School (HBS) last month announced plans to build a new center on its Boston campus that will serve as a place for students, faculty, alumni and business leaders to convene and share ideas. Called Klarman Hall in recognition of a generous alumni gift, the new building will feature a large conference center, a performance space and a community gathering space and is expected to open in 2018.

A gift from Seth Klarman (MBA 1982) and his wife Beth will make the construction of the new facility possible. Klarman is president and CEO of Boston-based investment management firm the Baupost Group, his wife is president of the Klarman Family Foundation and both serve as members of HBS’s Board of Dean’s Advisors. Continue reading…

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