Law School Admissions Consulting

Clear Admit partners with Ivey Guide Consulting to provide comprehensive admissions information and one-on-one consulting services to law school applicants.

Ivey Guide
Ivey Guide’s founder Anna Ivey has experienced first-hand the agony of applying to law school, been fortunate enough to attend one, enjoyed practicing law at top firms, and, as Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, decided the fate of thousands of applicants just like you. In her law school admissions consulting practice, she has assembled a first-rate team to coach candidates through the application process.

The Ivey Guide to Law School AdmissionsAnna and her team work with JD applicants, LLM applicants, and transfer applicants, helping clients to improve their application strategy and find the schools that will make them happiest intellectually, personally, and professionally. No matter where you’re headed – academia, an IP law practice, a public interest firm, politics, whatever the case may be – the goal is not just to help you get into law school, but also to help you position yourself for success once you’re there.

Look for guest columns from Anna on the Clear Admit Law Admissions Portal, and visit her website to learn more about Ivey Guide consulting services, her law school admissions team, and her authoritative book on application strategy, The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions.

To contact the team and explore working with an Ivey Guide consultant, click here.

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