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GMAT Tip: 3 Essential Critical Reasoning Strategies

thinking_reasoningApproximately one-third of the GMAT Verbal problems you see will be of the Critical Reasoning variety, in which you read a paragraph (or two short paragraphs representing a dialogue) of up to 125 words and then answer a question based on it. While the general instructions are relatively straightforward, there are three things you must do in order to succeed on these problems.

1. Select the only correct answer.
The official instructions for Critical Reasoning read: “For these questions, select the best of the answer choices given.” This wording can cause some real problems for examinees who interpret it very literally. Why? Because looking for “the best” answer implies that there may be more than one “good” answer. That’s dangerous in practice, because you could look at the right answer and think “I get why that’s better than mine (but mine is still good)” and therefore overlook a fatal flaw in your thinking. This is risky on test day because it leads to your spending energy ranking or otherwise comparing answer choices more subjectively when, in reality, there is only one correct answer and the other four are definitely incorrect. Continue reading…

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GMAT Tip: 3 Things to Know about GMAT Accommodations

Disability_symbols_16For a long time, testing accommodations were something to be kept secret. Test takers didn’t want schools to know they received accommodations. The process to apply for accommodations was not well publicized, and misinformation about the required documentation and when it needed to be submitted was rampant. Today, we’ll provide some valuable information for candidates who are thinking about seeking accommodations on test day.

To make the GMAT more accessible to test-takers with disabilities, the Graduate Management Admission Council provides the following accommodations: additional testing time, additional or extended rest breaks, allowance of a medical device in the testing rooms, a trackball mouse, a test reader who can read the questions to the test-taker, a recorder to record test taker responses, enlarged font on the PC monitor, and a sign language interpreter. Test centers in the U.S. are also outfitted with door frames, bathroom stalls, and adjustable desks to accommodate test-takers with special needs. Continue reading…

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GMAT Tip: 3 Things to Know About Picking a GMAT Test Center

map-pin-location.jpg.crop_displayLast week, we covered five often-overlooked things to think about before you show up at your GMAT test center, one of which involved the location and accessibility of the place itself. This week, we want to drill down and offer some more pointers on the facility factor. Not all GMAT test centers are created equal, so read on for some quick tips to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success on test day!

1. Size Matters. You would never buy a car or house by just looking at a picture and name. You have to take it for a test drive and see if it’s right for you. Just like cars, test centers come in a variety of makes and models. They can have as few as 2 or as many as 15 work stations, and they can offer up to 15 other exams (in addition to the GMAT). While the number of work stations might not seem relevant (you only need one!), remember there is only one proctor who has to keep tabs on everyone. Chances are you’ll get a quicker response to requests for a new noteboard or tissues if there are fewer candidates in the room. Continue reading…

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GMAT Tip: 5 Things to Consider Before Test Day

computer labSo you’ve decided that business school is for you, and you’ve taken the first step towards your graduate degree: you’ve signed up for the GMAT exam! Some folks might argue that’s the toughest part. Others might say it’s the preparation: do you sign up for test prep or commit to self study? Both are significant projects that, if executed properly, will result in a score that you can brandish on social media and brag about to business schools. There are, however, a handful of smaller things to consider and prepare for that you might not have thought of yet. Read on and make sure your test day runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Double check your identification. When you registered for the exam, you had to create an account and then proceed with test registration. Like most people, you probably glossed over much of the fine print and legalese. It’s very important, though, to ensure that the identification you bring to the test center EXACTLY matches the name you registered under. If it doesn’t, this could prove to be a costly mistake. Candidates are routinely turned away and prohibited from testing if their identification doesn’t match the name on the exam registration. Basic guidelines can be found here, but when in doubt give GMAT customer service a ring. Continue reading…

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Save $100 on Any Live Veritas Prep GMAT Course!

veritasAt Clear Admit, we want to give you an edge on the MBA admissions process, so we partnered with Veritas Prep to make high quality GMAT prep more affordable for our readers. For a limited time, Clear Admit readers can save $100 on any live Veritas Prep GMAT course. To start, find a course on the Veritas site! To claim your discount, you must click this link and use the code CLAS100 when you checkout.

Once you register for a course, don’t forget to email with your confirmation number to receive free access to Clear Admit’s  Résumé, Recommendation, and Financing Guides!

The $100 discount is not valid for private tutoring or Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand.

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Your GMAT Pacing Plan: The Study Phase

Making Notes from Book ca. 2000

The following article comes from Veritas Prep.  Since its founding in 2002, Veritas Prep has helped more than 100,000 students prepare for the GMAT and offers the highest rated GMAT Prep course in the industry.

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face on the GMAT is that of time.  It’s not just that the pace-per-question metrics are aggressive – you’ll have a hair over 2 minutes per problem on the quantitative section and about 1:50 per question on the verbal – but you’ll also have to deal with the Computer-Adaptive-Testing reality that you’ll only see each question once, and you can’t skip a problem or return to it later. Continue reading…

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6 Essential GMAT Study Strategies


The following is a guest post from Veritas Prep. 

If you’re researching business schools and admissions strategies here at Clear Admit, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be taking the GMAT sometime in your future.  And that means you’ll need to study for the GMAT.  Since not all study plans are created equal, here are 6 strategies to help you optimize that process.

1) Focus on deep understanding and application, not just on knowledge.

The GMAT testmakers say over and over again that the GMAT is a test of higher-order reasoning – and that’s not just a buzzword!  In academia, higher-order thinking/reasoning is defined as the actions that come after someone remembers and understands information.  It’s things like applying, synthesizing, and creating using that knowledge and understanding.  So if much of your academic past has focused on cramming and short-term memory – and let’s face it, we’ve all done it more than we’d like to admit to our parents and professors – you’ll need to study differently to ace the GMAT. Continue reading…

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Through Friday only, get 7 full-length Veritas Prep GMAT practice tests for just $20!

veritasTaking practice tests is a crucial part of any GMAT practice routine. Through Friday, May 29, get seven full-length Veritas Prep GMAT practice tests for $20 instead of $45.  Veritas Prep’s computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests are powered by artificial intelligence, guaranteeing that you see the most realistic GMAT questions and the most accurate scores.

Buy seven tests, or try one free!

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Sign Up for a Veritas Prep GMAT Course and Receive Three Free Clear Admit Guides

veritasFor a limited time, we are offering our Resume, Recommendation, and Financing Guides for free to anyone who signs up for GMAT classes or tutoring with Veritas Prep.

Since running its first class in 2002, Veritas Prep has helped more than 100,000 students prepare for the GMAT. The company was the first in the industry to require that all GMAT instructors score in the 99th percentile or above on the official GMAT—a standard that most other competitors still can’t match. After clearing this hurdle, every potential instructor must pass a rigorous evaluation and training program before earning the privilege of leading a Veritas Prep GMAT course.

To get your free Clear Admit guides, you must click this link to sign up for a GMAT class or tutoring with Veritas Prep. After your purchase, email and include your Veritas Prep purchase confirmation number. Veritas Prep representatives will give you a code you can use to download your free guides from our shop.

Learn more about Veritas’ GMAT offerings or sign up for a course or tutoring now!

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Economist, GMAT Tutor Launch $25,000 Scholarship Competition for MBA, EMBA Applicants

econonmist_gmat tutorThe Economist and test prep firm GMAT Tutor have once again partnered to offer a $25,000 scholarship to the prospective MBA or EMBA student who scores highest on a simulated GMAT exam. Called the Brightest Minds MBA Scholarship Contest, the competition is open to prospective MBA or EMBA students anywhere in the world. The first competition ran in 2014, drawing more than 4,500 entrants, The Economist reported.

To take part in the contest, applicants simply complete The Economist GMAT Tutor simulation test, which uses adaptive technology similar to the real GMAT so that the difficulty level adjusts according to the test-taker’s ability. The simulation test requires the completion of a 75-minute Verbal section and a 75-minute Quant section. Participants should have the available time to complete the test in a single sitting and will not be able to pause once they begin. Continue reading…

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Admissions Tip: Planning for the GMAT

Admissions Tip: Planning for the GMAT

For all you “early birds” who are planning to apply to business school this fall, we wanted to offer a few tips on managing your time as it relates to the GMAT exam.  Because this is an important element for many applicants in determining at which schools they will be competitive, it’s best to prep intensively and get this out of the way early in the process.

You should ideally be finished with the GMAT by mid-summer.  The reason for this is that you will want to reserve the months of August, September and October for essay writing, school visits, managing your recommenders and other miscellaneous application-related tasks.  The last thing you want to be doing in September is juggling the demands of GMAT prep alongside your MBA applications, your responsibilities at work, your extracurricular involvements, etc. Continue reading…

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