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veritasFor a limited time, we are offering our Resume, Recommendation, and Financing Guides for free to anyone who signs up for GMAT classes or tutoring with Veritas Prep.

Since running its first class in 2002, Veritas Prep has helped more than 100,000 students prepare for the GMAT. The company was the first in the industry to require that all GMAT instructors score in the 99th percentile or above on the official GMAT—a standard that most other competitors still can’t match. After clearing this hurdle, every potential instructor must pass a rigorous evaluation and training program before earning the privilege of leading a Veritas Prep GMAT course.

To get your free Clear Admit guides, you must click this link to sign up for a GMAT class or tutoring with Veritas Prep. After your purchase, email and include your Veritas Prep purchase confirmation number. Veritas Prep representatives will give you a code you can use to download your free guides from our shop.

Learn more about Veritas’ GMAT offerings or sign up for a course or tutoring now!

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Economist, GMAT Tutor Launch $25,000 Scholarship Competition for MBA, EMBA Applicants

econonmist_gmat tutorThe Economist and test prep firm GMAT Tutor have once again partnered to offer a $25,000 scholarship to the prospective MBA or EMBA student who scores highest on a simulated GMAT exam. Called the Brightest Minds MBA Scholarship Contest, the competition is open to prospective MBA or EMBA students anywhere in the world. The first competition ran in 2014, drawing more than 4,500 entrants, The Economist reported.

To take part in the contest, applicants simply complete The Economist GMAT Tutor simulation test, which uses adaptive technology similar to the real GMAT so that the difficulty level adjusts according to the test-taker’s ability. The simulation test requires the completion of a 75-minute Verbal section and a 75-minute Quant section. Participants should have the available time to complete the test in a single sitting and will not be able to pause once they begin. Continue reading…

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Admissions Tip: Planning for the GMAT

Admissions Tip: Planning for the GMAT

For all you “early birds” who are planning to apply to business school this fall, we wanted to offer a few tips on managing your time as it relates to the GMAT exam.  Because this is an important element for many applicants in determining at which schools they will be competitive, it’s best to prep intensively and get this out of the way early in the process.

You should ideally be finished with the GMAT by mid-summer.  The reason for this is that you will want to reserve the months of August, September and October for essay writing, school visits, managing your recommenders and other miscellaneous application-related tasks.  The last thing you want to be doing in September is juggling the demands of GMAT prep alongside your MBA applications, your responsibilities at work, your extracurricular involvements, etc. Continue reading…

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U.S. GMAT Percentile Scores Drop as Asia-Pacific Test Takers Dominate Quant Section

GMATIncreasing numbers of prospective business school applicants from Asia-Pacific countries such as India and China are taking the GMAT and outperforming U.S. students on the quantitative portion of the exam, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. As a result, though U.S. students’ raw scores have remained consistent over the past several years, their percentile ranking has slipped as more higher-scoring international applicants take the exam.

The lower percentile rankings can seem to suggest that U.S. student aptitude is declining, GMAC CEO Sangeet Chowfla told the Journal. Ten years ago, a raw score of 48 on the quantitative section (for which scores typically range between 0 and 51) would have yielded a ranking in the 86th percentile, whereas today the same raw score places a test-taker in just the 74th percentile. Continue reading…

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Majority of Business Schools Now Accept GRE, But More Applicants Stick with GMAT

GREA whopping 85 percent of U.S. business schools now accept the GRE as an admissions test alternative to the GMAT, according to a 2014 survey by Kaplan Test Prep. That’s up from only 24 percent of business schools who said they accepted the GRE in 2009, when Kaplan first began tracking the issue. GRE acceptance by business schools has been growing steadily year over year, Kaplan reports.

But even as more schools report accepting scores from the GRE, most MBA applicants are still choosing to submit scores from the more traditional GMAT. More than half of the admissions officers surveyed by Kaplan this year reported that only one in 10 or fewer applicants chose to submit GRE scores instead of GMAT scores, representing a slight increase from Kaplan’s past surveys. Continue reading…

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Survey Finds GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section Scores Unimportant to Most B-School Admissions Officers

test takingA majority of admissions officers from more than 200 U.S. business schools surveyed this fall say that an applicant’s score on the GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning section is not currently an important part of their evaluation of a prospective applicant’s overall GMAT score, according to Kaplan Test Prep, which conducted the survey.

Kaplan found that 60 percent of admissions officers surveyed this year said that performance on the IR section was not important, an uptick from 57 percent of those surveyed last year. That said, Kaplan reports that 50 percent of business schools surveyed point to a low overall GMAT score as “the biggest application killer.” For its 2014 survey, Kaplan polled admissions officers from 204 business schools from across the United States, including 11 of the top 30 MBA programs as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Continue reading…

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Harvard Business School Admissions Director on GMAT vs. GRE

dee_leopoldHarvard Business School (HBS) has stated publicly for some time that it accepts both the GMAT and the GRE and does not prefer one over the other. In a bid to be even more transparent on the issue, HBS Admissions Director Dee Leopold devoted a recent post on her Director’s Blog to the matter.

To substantiate the claim that the school is agnostic in terms of a preference between the two tests, Leopold chose to reveal exactly how many applicants submitted each type of test score, along with how many of those applicants were ultimately admitted and matriculated. While the vast majority of applicants opted to submit GMAT scores, the percentage of matriculating admits as compared to total applicants broken out by test were within close range. Continue reading…

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The Economist Group Launches $25,000 MBA Scholarship Contest

econonmist_gmat tutorThe Economist Group’s business education division, Which MBA?, yesterday launched its second Brightest Minds MBA Scholarship Contest, which will award a $25,000 scholarship to the prospective MBA or EMBA student who scores highest on a simulated GMAT exam.

The first Brightest Minds MBA scholarship ran earlier this year, drawing more than 4,500 entrants, The Economist Group reports. The winner, Rishabh P. from India, is currently applying to several business schools, with plans to begin an MBA program in fall 2015. Continue reading…

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GMAC Adds Online Content, Resources to Its GMAT Review Series

gmatThe Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), in partnership with Wiley, is enhancing its Official Guide for GMAT® Review series with added online content, videos and a unique study tool that lets users customize their own practice question sets, the council announced today.

The enhancements to the Official Guide for GMAT® Review 2015 are designed to make studying for the GMAT exam easier and more convenient, according to GMAC, which owns and administers the business school entrance exam. GMAC has published 13 previous editions of its Official Guide for GMAT Review, giving business school applicants access to hundreds of real, retired GMAT questions. The 2015 series is the first to combine questions in both book and online form. Continue reading…

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GMAT Test Takers Can Now Preview Scores Before Reporting or Canceling Them

test takingProspective applicants to business school who take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will now have the ability to preview their unofficial scores before deciding whether to report or cancel them, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the exam, announced yesterday. This new score reporting feature, available to all test takers, will go into effect at all 600 test centers worldwide that administer the exam beginning tomorrow.

“We are pleased to offer this feature as part of our efforts to make preparing for and taking the GMAT exam easier,” Ashok Sarathy, GMAC vice president of product management, said in a statement. “The new score reporting feature gives test takers more certainty and control in the testing process and in how their scores are reported to schools.” Continue reading…

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GMAC Introduces New Online Prep Tool for GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning Section

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the GMAT, has introduced a new web-based resource to help prospective test-takers prepare for the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section added to the exam in 2012.

The Official GMAT® Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool, which launched on April 21st, includes 48 items and answer explanations from the IR section of the GMAT and sells for $19.99. It is the only dedicated Integrated Reasoning prep tool available that contains retired Integrated Reasoning items, according to GMAC. Continue reading…

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