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Fridays from the Frontline

Keep abreast of the latest happenings in the business school blogosphere! This weekly column summarizes recent posts from MBA student and applicant blogs.

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Fridays From the Frontline

planclockHello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly summation of the best of the b-school blogosphere. This week, UCLA Anderson welcomes a group of incoming MBA students and bloggers, and current applicants discuss what’s involved in staying focused on the admissions process during the summer.

Zafeer Khan Anderson ’16 shares his journey from Bangladesh to pursuing the MBA in Sunny California.  Classmate Asher Kurland is enjoying happy hours with fellow admits in Brooklyn.  Nikhil George Punnoose ’16 is moving away from living on oil rigs, to learning about the business side of production, and James Huntington rounds out the introduction of Anderson ’16 bloggers by describing his reasons for selecting Anderson. Chief among them are the school’s family friendly policies, and the Joint Ventures Club. We wish all of these new student bloggers all the best as they embark on their MBA journey together!

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Fridays From the Frontline

GoalHello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly summation of the best of the b-school blogosphere.  As the school year has finished, current students have taken the opportunity to reflect on the experience of first year, while MBA hopefuls are putting together a plan of action to ensure a successful application process. Those Round 1 deadlines are not that far off! (Check the Clear Admit blog for up to date deadlines and essay information.) Continue reading…

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Are You Keeping Up with the Competition? | Fridays from the Frontlines


It’s June. Summer’s here. Time to kick back and relax, right?

Well, maybe not if you’re applying to top MBA programs. Take a look at this spreadsheet:

It’s from Continue reading…

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Best of Blogging Winners 2012-13

BoB Winner 2014 (1)After nearly two weeks of voting, the results of the ninth annual Best of Blogging competition are in! The purpose of the BoBs is simple: to identify and celebrate the applicant and student bloggers who have shared their lives with the online MBA community over the last year. The wisdom and knowledge that each nominee provided to their readers will last long after their own time in b-school has come to an end, leaving a proverbial ‘treasure trove’ for future applicants and students alike.

Without any further fanfare here are the top three bloggers of this year’s competition!


The adventures of a successful re-applicant to top business schools was the top choice for our readers, as well as being nominated for a single best post; the value of introspection when putting together an application.


Our second place winner wrote consistently fun and informative posts throughout the year about the process of  being an applicant in the non-profit space, as well as getting a nod for a single best post; How I broke 700 on the GMAT

Two Years at HBS

This first year MBA at HBS gives, in the words of a loyal reader,  ‘an amazing feel to HBS. And should be required reading for every single person who is going to HBS.”

Our warmest congratulations to all BoB nominees and especially to the winner and runners up! We’ll be getting in touch with the winners this week to distribute prizes. The prizes for this year’s competition were a $300 gift certificate for the winner, a $100 gift certificate for second place, and a $50 gift certificate for third place.

Clear Admit would like to thank our FFF readers for taking the time to delve deep into the great pool of b-school bloggers and cast their votes. Also, a big hand must go out to the entire MBA blogging community, nominated or not, without whom the BoB awards would not be possible. It is a pleasure and a privilege to follow the lives of so many interesting b-school applicants and students. We’re looking forward to another great year of following the application and MBA experience – happy reading and writing!

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Fridays From the Frontline

Post 7. PastPresentFutureHello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly summation of the soliloquies of the b-school blogosphere. This week, even as we are about to announce the winners of the Best of Blogging 2013 contest, we have two new bloggers to feature with interesting and thoughtful updates on the application and admissions process, while current students and recent graduates also  share their perspectives.

GrantMeAdmission starts off  a busy week by outlining how he carefully selected the schools to apply to, along with a list of 8 questions every application should ask before applying. Once finished with that process, the next question is ‘what are my chances?’. Given his prolific posting, it’s no surprise that GrantMeAdmission has hit 1000 views in 10 days!  LifeInTransitMBA is thinking about how much life will change once he matriculates at Booth, even as other, life-long habits will continue.  Timbob is also looking forward to matriculating at Harvard Business Schooleven though he’s been busy with many life changes, including getting married and planning a transatlantic move.  MBAReApplicant‘s reasons for choosing Anderson continue to grow, and he’s invited current and future students to share their experiences with the school as well.

While most of our current student bloggers are taking a break from both school and blogging, a few recent grads have taken the time to provide some perspective. MBAManchester reviews what he really learned from the MBA, while Cambridge alumnus Samuel Harrison gives a thorough account of lessons learned on launching an app. Finally, ahron at MilitarytoBusiness discusses the process of selecting a summer MBA internship, now that the first year is completed.


And that’s all the news for this week’s edition of Fridays From the Frontline, but don’t forget to check back later for the winners of the Best of Blogging Competition! As the East Coast of the United States has  reached the unofficial start of summer,  we are enjoying the warm weather and the slower pace of MBA admissions. We  also hope that current applicants continue to update us with information about statuses and future plans, and that current students and recent grads also update their blogs with summer activities or as they transition into post MBA careers.

Final-Badge_180w_jpg122Want to join the Fridays From the Frontline community and see your blog featured regularly in this column? Just follow this link and add the FFF badge to your blog and then  email us at with your URL so we can make sure to add you to our weekly roundups.


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Fridays From the Frontline

BoB Nominee 1Hello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly ramble through the ruminations of the b-school blogosphere. This week, we share in the excitement of those nominated for the Best of Blogging Annual contest, as well as welcome two new b-school applicants to the Fridays From the Frontline blogging community.  A reminder that if you haven’t yet voted for your favorite featured blogger, the nominations and poll can be found here. Be sure to vote before Wednesday, May 28, when the polls will close!

SarahsMBAJourney has a nice summary of each of the nominated bloggers, as well as impressions of Cass Business School. Over on MBAtheNonProfitWay, MBAMyWay discusses finding the perfect B-school bag on a budget and then uses her nomination news to give a shoutout to fellow  Johnson admit HammO who, for his part, reminisces about the early days of the BootstoSuits blog, and what a difference a year has made! Domontron channels his inner J-Law while sharing his excitement about being nominated.  MBAReApplicant discusses why he’ll be matriculating at UCLA Anderson, while also thanking the blog’s readers and reminding them to vote.  Ellie at CoffeeBeansandTeaLeaves uses the nomination as a reminder to update her readers with the news that she is already starting to work on her package for next year’s applications and that her summer is busy with the challenges of a new management position.   Continue reading…

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Clear Admit Best of Blogging 2013-2014 Nominees

BoB Nominee As promised in yesterday’s timeline for this year’s BoBs, today is the day we release the 2013-2014 Best of Blogging nominees! For those of you not familiar with the Clear Admit Best of Blogging competition, the goal of this annual event is two-fold.  First, we want to recognize and celebrate the best MBA applicant and student blogs covering the 2013-2014 admissions cycle/academic year. Equally important is Clear Admit’s commitment to identifying valuable sources of information for the next round of MBA applicants and students. Continue reading…

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Fridays From the Frontline

Hello and Welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly perusal of the peripatetic b-school blogosphere. Indeed, this week’s posting presents a plethora of exciting plans and perceptions  for our bloggers, whether in making decisions for next year, or in contemplating the MBA experience.  This week we are also excited to announce the Best of Blogging Awards. Check out the link for the competition details, and check back here later today for the announcement of Friday From the Frontline’s nominated bloggers!

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Best of Blogging Awards 2013-2014 Timeline Announced

BoB Nominee 1 (1)Another application cycle is rapidly drawing to a close, and summer is ahead of us. A good deal of clarity and news has been delivered to this year’s MBA applicant pool: interview invitations, admissions decisions, and, of course, the announcement of our annual Best of Blogging Awards (also known as “the BoBs”)! For those unfamiliar with the awards, each year we make an effort to identify exceptional blogs maintained by MBA applicants and students. We do this for two reasons: to recognize the commitment and quality of the best applicant and student bloggers’ writing, and to identify valuable sources of information for the next round of applicants.

Here’s the timeline for this year’s awards, which will cover the 2013-2014 admissions/academic cycle:

Nominees Announced – Friday, May 16th

We’ll begin by considering all featured bloggers from Fridays From The Frontline (bloggers are encouraged to email about adding a link if their sites are not currently included). Keeping in mind the relevance and frequency of posts, as well as the overall quality of their contributions to the MBA blogosphere, we’ll pare the list of nominees down to approximately 10 nominees. Once we’ve determined the blogs to be considered, we’ll be sending BoB ballots out to each of the nominated bloggers.

Ballots Due – Wednesday, May 28th
Votes from the nominated bloggers, Clear Admit staff and our Fridays From the Frontlines readership will be due on Wednesday, May 28th.   In addition to an overall ranking, we’ll ask voters to share their thoughts on the funniest blog and best single post, and to point us to the blogs that they feel feature the best advice in categories such as GMAT preparation, school selection, application essays, admissions and recruiting interviews, as well as the best representation of academics and student life in business school.

Winners Announced – Friday, May 3oth
Once the votes are in, we’ll publish all the ranked blogs, as well as announce the top three winners. Clear Admit will be presenting prizes to the select few for their efforts and contribution to the community. The first place winner will receive a $300 gift certificate,  and the second and third place bloggers will receive a $100 and $50 Amazon gift certificate, respectively.

That’s all for now – check back on Friday, May 16th for an announcement about this year’s BoB nominees! In the mean time, happy blogging…

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Fridays From the Frontline

militarytoMBAHello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly roundup of the ruminations of the b-school blogosphere. This week, several of our 2016 applicants weigh in with  recommendations, from audio books to MBA programs, while current students take stock of the MBA experience, including the challenges and rewards of transitioning from the military to pursuing an MBA.

MBATheNonProfitWay has made a resolution to switch her audio-book listening habit away from fiction to various business related books. The first selection, “The McKinsey Mind” did not fare so well in reviewJourneyOfaGMATer took some time to share insights on the definition of ‘problem’, while Sarah’sMBAJourney hasn’t given up on the idea of pursuing the MBA, and is now looking at a Cranfield MBA, although she does have some concerns and is open to other options as wellContinue reading…

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Fridays From the Frontline

spring-in-londonHello and welcome to Friday From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly perusal of the ponderings  of the b-school blogosphere. This week, we welcome a new contributor  to the FFF blogging family, and hear updates from current students about exciting campus events and activities.

Brian Scott is an American about to embark on the MBA journey at INSEAD Fontainebleau. He’s launched a blog to document the experience by giving an interesting and informative account of tips he’s learned for INSEADers looking to work in the States, post MBA.  JourneyofalowGMATer has a post on additional books to read, in order to enhance the classroom experience.  Continue reading…

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