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MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub

I interviewed with an adcom member in Los Angeles. It was an application-based interview. We met at a hotel. There were no surprises in this experience.

1. “Have there been any changes in your application/experience since you submitted?” I used this as an opportunity to break the ice and share something fun I’d done recently. This also let me gauge her attitude/mood.

2. She introduced the format of the interview and that it was for me to help the committee get a better sense of who I am beyond the paper file. She explained the format of behavioral questions.

3. “Walk me through your resumé.” Standard– I introduced themes, talked about my experience, and pivoted smoothly to the next phase, which included “why MBA?” I moved to post-MBA goals, and she stopped me to ask “Why Sloan?” I was really glad I had prepared well for this, because it came up positively later on.

4. “Why Sloan?” in detail.

5. Tell me about a time you’ve been on a team with low morale/that was underperforming.

6. Tell me about a piece of feedback that surprised you.

7. What do you do when you encounter some work that isn’t exciting/interesting?

8. Tell me about a time you set a goal and worked toward it.

9. What do you do when a team member isn’t pulling his/her weight?

10. What does “efficiency” mean to you?

11. Questions for me?

Really straightforward interview for Sloan. No surprises. I used the STAR format (situation, task, action, response) for all my questions and used a template rather than a script. It went well and I am feeling good about it.

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