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UCLA / Anderson MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Second-Year Student / On-Campus

I arrived in LA over the weekend to attend an info session and class Monday, and interview on Tuesday morning. The interview was blind and conducted by a 2nd year student. We engaged in a bit of small talk, I mentioned a class I attended (and was asked for the professor’s name – Bruce Carlin, great class!), and then I gave him a copy of my resume.

Some of the questions were (not verbatim):

- Walk me through your resume (While at it I covered short and long-term goals, though it seemed that this was going to be the 2nd question).
- How do you feel an MBA will help you achieve your career goals? What will an MBA offer you that you haven’t been able to get from your professional experiences?
- How will UCLA Anderson help you accomplish your specific goals?
- How do you work in teams? What is your leadership style?
- How did your professional experience contribute to your career choice post MBA? (I’m switching from financial services to consulting)
- Tell me about a time you had a conflict with someone at work.
- Tell me about a time you failed.
- What activities are you involved with outside of work?

Overall my interviewer was very easygoing, and I felt the interview went well. Hoping to hear good news back!
- Any questions for me?

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