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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s ongoing perusal of the latest happenings in the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants and students rang in the new year, and those working on their R2 applications felt the pressure rise.

Domotron asserted that more went right than wrong in his 2013, and wished all his readers a happy new year. Ellie returned from a three week visit home to India and refocused her attentions on her upcoming Ross, Kelley and Kellogg applications while expressing much gratitude for the support of her husband.   TimBob also had a wedding on his agenda – his own – and outlined a few different resolutions he’d like to realize in 2014Sarah’s GMAT score improved though she realized her quant percentile might still be troublesomeExpectingMBA wished her readers a Merry Christmas and took solace in knowing that no matter how her Haas and Anderson interviews went, she’d be attending b-school in California.

INSEAD ’14D Sania described the three stages of pre-MBA bliss. HBS ’15 Keima traveled to South America and shared a few photos of the beautiful sights he saw and prepared for his upcoming FIELD trip to Shanghai. INSEAD ’15 Nik prepared to depart the only burgeoning summer months of Australia for a decidedly more cold climate in France, but was quite excited about the new educational adventure he would soon find himself enjoyingFuqua ’15 Trevor recommended that b-school applicants and students get accustomed to acronyms and discussed the school’s Week-in-Cities program. INSEAD ’14D Corey sought inspiration from her MBA experience and classmates.

INSEAD ’13D William confirmed that this was the best year of his life thus far. Ross ’15 Aren received his dream job offer and while excited, was happy to have one last semester at Ross. Tepper ’15 Ccatcher resolved to give up tea for a month.

And that’s all they shared in this edition of Fridays From The Frontline. We hope all our readers and bloggers enjoyed a very happy New Years Eve and Day, and that 2014 brings only the best to all their respective lives. Until next week, have a great weekend!

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