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Wharton MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-campus Hub

The 1-to-1 portion of the Wharton interview was held in a meeting room of an office in a hub city. There was one admissions officer who conducted the interview. She was cordial but also hard to read.

The interview was rather surprising, with the admissions officer simply stating that she had not read my file and asking me to use the 15 minutes in whatever way I wanted. This did throw me for a bit. I ended up using the time to:

1. Describe my views of the TBD component.
2. Give a bit of background (essentially a “walk me through your resume” spiel)
3. Updated her on some recent developments in my career since submitting my interview
4. She asked why I was intending to do an MBA given a fairly strong career trajectory to date and clear expectation of greater responsibilities at work.
5. I spoke a bit about why Wharton and what I hoped to get out of the MBA.
6. Extracurriculars I hoped to do at Wharton

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