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Trivia Tuesday: Columbia’s Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate

Welcome back to Trivia Tuesday, where we highlight the special offerings of leading MBA programs.  Today we’re featuring a selection from the Clear Admit Guide to Columbia Business School to share information about the school’s Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate.

“Columbia Business School’s real estate program is built around the three pillars of capital markets, entrepreneurship and global business. The curriculum, developed by the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, is further supported by a variety of programs and opportunities available to interested students.

“The school’s Project Class in Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurship gives students hands-on experience with designing and executing real estate projects. Students work in teams of three on a project sponsored by a major real estate firm to resolve a business problem that the sponsor is facing. Over an intense six-week period, the teams learn about project design, scoping, strategy, research and execution, culminating in a presentation of the project. Those who take the course are eligible for cash prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 awarded to the best presentations.

“The center also coordinates and co-sponsors activities with Columbia’s student-run real estate club, the Real Estate Association (REA). The Milstein Center and REA work together to bring speakers to campus, host panel discussions on issues relating to real estate and hold close to a dozen mentoring breakfasts each year. The center also co-sponsors the REA-organized Real Estate Study Tour, in which groups of 20 students travel to study a particular real estate market in the U.S. or abroad. In 2012, 26 MBA students traveled to Shanghai and Hong Kong to study its real estate market. The trip included tours of both cities, meetings with companies and organizations like Blackstone and Tishman Speyer, and the chance to socialize through lunches and group dinners.

“Students who profess an interest in real estate in their application to Columbia may be eligible for a scholarship or fellowship provided by the Milstein Center in conjunction with one of its partners. Along with awards provided by alumni, the center has also partnered with organizations such as the Association of Real Estate Women, the Urban Land Institute and the Mortgage Bankers’ Association to provide funding opportunities to students. No separate application is required for these awards; they are distributed to accepted applicants at the discretion of the admissions committee.”

For more details about Columbia’s curriculum, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to Columbia Business School!  All Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit shop.

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