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London Business School MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Alumnus / Chicago

My interviewer had read my entire application, and was very prepared to ask some targeted questions. I knew that ahead of time thanks to the Clear Admit LBS interview guide, so thankfully I was prepared. The interview hit all of the main talking points (Why MBA/LBS/Me/Now etc). Once we built a rapport, the conversation was very enjoyable. I got the sense that they want to know if the applicant would be likeable as a classmate. They have your stats for the intelligence portion. The interview seems to round out the behavioral side of things. Be ready to state the case, and at length. Due to the long nature of the interview (mine lasted 2 hours), they will prob deeper than your “canned” response to the basic questions. So know your story inside and out and be able to effectively communicate it.

For the presentation portion, the interviewer had a list of topics to pick from. He selected one ahead of time and it was the standard couple minutes to prep and 5 to present. Be sure to focus your ideas into a logical sequence. Also, save time to conclude at the end to make sure your points stick.

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