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Free Dartmouth / Tuck School Guide – Limited Time Only!

Clear Admit is excited to offer applicants one FREE school guide to the Tuck School of Business.  Available for immediate download, each Clear Admit School Guide offers informative and detailed profiles of leading business schools; the Tuck School Guide will give you all of the information you need to imagine yourself in Hanover, New Hampshire, write Tuck-specific application essays, and get the background you’ll need for your interview prep.  The School Guide includes in-depth information on Tuck’s program, from the general management curriculum to the tight-knit community.  You can also gauge Tuck in relation to its peer schools through our selection of comparative graphs and analyses.  Prospective Tuck applicants should be sure to take advantage of this special offer, but even prospective applicants of other programs could benefit from learning more about what the Clear Admit School Guides have to offer. Admissions officers, applicants and the press all agree that the Clear Admit School Guides are a vital tool to successfully navigating the MBA admissions process.

In order to download your free Tuck School Guide, simply go to the Clear Admit Shop and use the coupon TUCKSG13 at checkout.  This limited-time offer ends Thursday, December 5 at midnight EST.

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