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Ross MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off-campus

Hello everyone,
I am a R2 applicant and interviewed with an alum in Mumbai yesterday. Overall, the interview was quite formal. I met him at his office around 4pm.

Here are some of the questions from the interview:

Interview duration: 25-30 minutes

1) Walk me through your resume in 2 minutes
2) Tell me about your current role and organization. I work with a nonprofit working to expand education opportunity in India.
3) Why MBA? What do you hope to get out of MBA?
4) Why now?
5) What are your short-term and long-term goals?
6) Why Ross?
7) What is your most significant Leadership experience? Why?
8) Tell me about a professional failure.
9) Why do you want to stay in the Education Industry? What motivates you? Discuss personal experiences that have influenced who you are today. Why did you switch from Technology Services to Development sector?
10) Questions for the interviewer

I don’t really know when the admissions committee will get back to me. I just need to patiently wait it out.

Wish you all the best!

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  1. Could you please post your profile and GMAT score…Just wanted to know what is the current trend in profile required to get an interview call

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