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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Regular Decision / Alumni / Off-Campus

I applied on Dec. 15th, was invited to interview on Jan. 4th, and had my interview on Jan. 23rd. I prepared for all of the questions on this site, but my interviewer and I really just had a conversation. Over the course of the interview, he slipped in a few of the questions including:

1) Why Columbia?
2) What other schools did you apply to?
3) Why New York?
(I mentioned the adjunct professors CBS draws to campus and he asked which ones in particular I was interested in)

Other than that, we spent a lot of time talking about my first job (not much about my current position), current events, and some time on my future goals. He wanted to make sure I had fully thought through the decision to apply to business school and understood the enormity of the cost.

The best advice I’ve heard from other people is to drive home your love for Columbia and show that you really want to and will attend if admitted.

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