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Duke / Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second-year student / Skype

So I just finished the interview a few minutes ago and I though let me write it out here while everything’s fresh in my head. Clearadmit’s archive of all such interviews for all schools has been really invaluable during my process and I feel its only fair for me to chip in here for others. It was a Skype call, very friendly and conversational. The student had some questions framed out but they were not so many. The follow-ups and branching out questions were what built up the 35 off minutes of conversation.

-She first introduced herself in a few quick minutes and then asked me for my background.
-She asked what’s the most challenging component of my current job (I travel intensely and she wanted to know how I adapt)
-Why an MBA? Why now and Why Fuqua?
-What do you do for fun? Outside of work.
-If your friends could describe you using 5 adjectives. What would they be?
-You are clear on what you want to get out of Fuqua. What will you bring along for your classmates?
-If you had to select 5 teammates, what qualities and character-traits would you want in them (this threw me off. managed to blabber something but was the weakest point of my call. still, i managed to get her approving nod as she was looking for an answer that would show an attempt at a diverse and complete team)
-Then she welcomed any questions I may have.

It was a very comfortable experience. I’m hoping I hear a favorable decision. Good luck to all of you who are preparing for yours.

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