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Best of Blogging Nominees 2009-2010!

BoB Nominee MBA

As promised in our April 6th time line for this year’s BoBs, today is the day we release the 2009-2010 Best of Blogging nominees! For those of you not familiar with the Clear Admit Best of Blogging competition, the goal of this annual event is two-fold.  First, we want to recognize and celebrate the best MBA applicant and student blogs covering the 2009-10 admissions cycle/academic year. Equally important is Clear Admit’s commitment to identifying valuable sources of information for the next round of MBA applicants and students.

The process we used to determine BoB nominees started with considering all FFF-featured blogs and those listed in the Clear Admit Wiki. Looking at originality and relevance of content, as well as total number of posts and overall contribution to the space, we then narrowed the count down to 20 applicants and 20 students. Whether new to the blog scene or seasoned veterans, focused on providing class descriptions or travel tips, straightlaced students or party animals, all 40 members of this group  have shared something unique about themselves and provided informative and relatable information about the MBA experience. And so, without further ado, the nominated bloggers:

Applicant Bloggers:

  1. Nistha
  2. Rocky
  3. Dream Chaser
  4. Steve
  5. L Biggs
  6. Madalogue
  7. Hari
  8. A Beautiful Mind
  9. XLick
  10. Braveheart
  11. AJ
  12. Procrastinator
  13. MBA Hopeful
  14. HBS Dork
  15. Ardent Meerkat
  16. Shubha
  17. Biz Wiz
  18. The Dreamer
  19. Atypical HBS
  20. MBA Dreamz

Student Bloggers:

  1. DG
  2. Felish
  3. Glob Think
  4. Orlando
  5. Military to Business
  6. Gabrielle
  7. July Dream
  8. Shobhit
  9. Metal
  10. Sunnyside Up
  11. Ahembeea
  12. Oren
  13. Paragon2Pieces
  14. Andrew
  15. Palo Alto for Awhile
  16. Raghunathrao
  17. Windsor
  18. Mechanigal
  19. Choc Heaven
  20. Out of My Jeans

Congrats to our nominees! The next step is for the nominated bloggers to cast their votes on the overall ranking and a few more focused categories. Ballots will be available early next week, and will be due on Friday, April 30th. We’ll be emailing ballots to nominees with their contact information on their blogs; those who don’t are encouraged to get in touch by sending a note to

For more details on the BoBs (prizes, rules, etc), you can read our original post.

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